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And SonsCompany (and SONS) is a planning and production company for various events such as hosting large outdoor gourmet events and jointly developing and purchasing products with overseas companies.


Oktoberfest, the first German beer festival to be held in Tokyo 15 years ago, is an adaptation of München, Germany. The business started by the team led by Hideki Oshida, our representative employee, has been established as a food and beverage event mainly in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and other government-designated cities.
We design and operate our own large-scale Oktoberfest in government-designated cities such as Kitakyushu, Saitama, Kumamoto, Kobe, Shizuoka, and Kawasaki, and tourist cities such as Himeji. Including).


We exclusively buy products that have not been imported into Japan, directly contract with the manufacturer, and by direct delivery, we are able to deliver products to buyers in a shorter time than usual while holding down selling prices.
Began exporting Japanese products to overseas markets. An era where even small companies can have access to overseas markets as long as they have partners. We are also looking forward to inquiries from companies considering using the functions of And Sons to enter overseas markets, including test marketing.


member introduction


Hideki Oshida (President)

1Joined American Express in Japan in 1988 as a business. After that, he started an event and production company, and worked on the Aichi Expo, Tokyo Motor Show, large corporate B2B exhibitions and website construction.
In addition to its own large-scale outdoor food and beverage business, such as Oktoberfest, and its full-fledged business of eating and drinking events utilizing its know-how and importing and selling products not imported into Japan from the world, and Sons (and SONS) LLC Established.


Eiko Hamada【Chief creator】

Joined a graphic design company at a video production company, such as a TV program, as a director and MC for the production of programs for children.
Turned into the design industry mainly for paper media such as books, brochures and posters
2011 Joined a long-established Japanese confectionery store head office Joined as executive secretary / public relations
2019 Became a freelancer and became executive officer of And Sons LLC
Started his current career at a design company in Tokyo. Engaged in digital work such as website design, mail order page creation and image editing, and product import and sales projects through crowdfunding.


Kiyofumi Asaoka 

2018 and continued beer outdoor business such as Oktoberfest launched in 2014 as the chief producer of SONS.

In order to hold a large eating and drinking event in a city designated by local government ordinance, the German beer festival `` Oktoberfest '' was held in 2014 at Kokura in 2015, utilizing the know-how of human and physical connections and advertising marketing created while at the agency. First held in Kumamoto. Saitama continues to be an event where 30,000 to 50,000 people visit each time. Established as a seasonal brand in the region.

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